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We offer a fresh approach to learning Capoeira for anyone who wishes to try it out by creating a fun, safe and playful environment. By incorporating aspects of the latest findings in skill acquisition and movement research, we hope to provide dynamic lessons where all can develop their physical movement capacity and learn this rich Brazilian art irrespective of their level and background.

Our training methods are built on top of 16 years of traditional Capoeira training, with a methodology formed under the guidance of Mestre Papa-Leguas, a world renowned Capoeira Master from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Learn from scratch | Bring your passion

Learn the famous Capoeira style created by the renowned and respected lineage of Master (Mestre) Suassuna, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Share the knowledge, music, understanding and training techniques of our personal teacher, friend and Master (Mestre) Papa-Leguas.

What to wear: Barefoot or plimsols, loose gym wear or Capoeira uniforms

Class Fees: £10 per class. £7 Students/U18

We have a regular class in Beckenham every Tuesday evening, and will open more classes in future.

Beckenham Class



You'll  find us in Central Beckenham, less than 2 minutes walk from Beckenham Junction station, and on all town centre bus routes.

Tuesdays 7.30 - 9.00

Beckenham Methodist Church

Bromley Rd




All classes will adhere to government guidelines


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Instructor Raul CDO

After discovering Capoeira in Essex in 2000, I have been fortunate to learn the art from some of the best teachers all over the world. It's given me experiences and opportunities I could never have imagined, and I continue to learn from my Mestre and friends.

More recent times have seen me expand my horizons into other movement fields, which has undoubtedly helped me to become a better student and teacher.


Professor Cascao CDO

I first went to learn Capoeira in Brazil in 2001 and met a fellow Brit, Raul, in a seriously dangerous favela in Rio De Janiero. A great friendship ensued there, through our gruelling 36 hours of training each week, month in month out. 


The friendship, fascination and motivation is the same now as it was then.

Master Papa-Leguas

Capoeira is a physical game that looks like dance or martial arts, although it is neither. It is a unique art-form with as many styles as individual players; with one thing in common; the heritage of the African slaves that created it.
These days the game has evolved with many approaches; broadly split into two camps, some focussed more on hustling and trickery, and some more focussed on its direct martial art potential.
Developed over 50 years, Master Suassuna created his vision of Capoeira that has become one of the most respected groups throughout the world called the 'golden cord'; "Cordao de Ouro" group.  Master Suassuna focussed on the 'game' aspect, to embrace all points of view; to respect and be able to play with all players of all styles. Cordao de Ouro now has some of the most visually interesting and talented players in the world, not least our direct teacher and student of Master Suassuna; Master Papa Leguas.
Master Papa-Leguas came to teach in UK in 2000, and brought knowledge, experience and connections to the heart of the Capoeira world with him. Our teacher has an insatiable mission to teach authentic Capoeira of the highest quality, and to guide anyone regardless of experience to be the best they can be.
Estamos agredavel para sempre Mestre.