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Beginners Course - Starts January 11th 2022

Beg Course

With Capoeira being relatively unknown in the UK, we understand that it can be intimidating to come to a regular class. We always welcome all levels, but have designed this course specifically for those with no experience. Over the 4 weeks you will learn:

  • What does it mean when we call Capoeira a mix of game, fight and dance?

  • The basic essential movements to play a Capoeira game, including the core kicks and dodges

  • How Capoeira can make you a better, stronger, more mobile, mover

  • A basic understanding of the 'rules' and rituals of the Capoeira circle ('Roda'), which can be initmidating for beginners

  • An introduction to the music and rhythms commonly used in Capoeira

The course will be taught using the same methods as our regular classes, with a focus on games and challenges, and not drills and exercises. We think this allows people to learn at their own pace, in a fun environment, while also being the quickest way to learn.

Once completed you can either move to the Level 2 course, or join the regular class.

The course will take place every Tuesday 7.30 - 9pm from 11th Jan 2022 for 4 weeks. Cost is only £25 (£10 deposit required to seal place), so sign up today by emailing us at:

If you'd like to know more about Capoeira, then watch our promo video on youtube


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