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When training on your own I think it is worthwhile training a structured selection of variations; with the point of keeping your vocabulary as large as possible. This is only relevant for movements that you are already executing cleanly in the roda.

As an example of my own - here is a vocabulary of movements that I need to refresh frequently to keep the base of vocabulary increasing in speed and fluency. Of course the list is of names that I call things - so you will have to create your own!

My aim is to increase the speed, balance and execution of my select base, so that I do not lose vocab when under pressure in the roda.


4 step, side to side hop, skip up, switch, head to back, hands working defence, resistencia, escape from banda, giro to au

All Kicks

to different finishing positions - feet together/parallel/one foot forward/drop down/compasso with hop, fintas and 180 degree only kicks.

Straight kicks of bencao, burro, martelo, chapa rodada, esporao

Jumping kicks of s-dobrado, Amarda pulada, amarda martelo, parafuso


em pe/ de costas to compasso/cameleao


from fake compasso/Cabecadas from fake (90 degree of kick only) compasso

Ground work

negativa-vasado step round up to bananeira, negativa-vasado-entra por dentro (don’t mark the role bring the foot inside, thigh on your elbow-knee on chest-swing other leg to kick)

aranha/ esquiva baixa/negativa/ spinning negativa/ corta/ role/ andar/ to queda de rins, tesoura, eles, volta por cima, encaixe, na cabeca, negativa to negativa

Coming back up with jumping switch chapeu de coro/ bananeira/ role

Au de costas swinging legs over the back-bring together come down, fechada, sem mao, legs open, bandeira, de costas, Au-martelo de frente, Helicoptero, bananeiras. ½ role Macaco, s-dobrado em pe

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