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Methods of learning

Back in 2004 I met Ido Portal out in the Basque country at a massive Capoeira event called CapoCapu. Two years later, Ido sent his student Grito on a mission to do a knowledge exchange to see how I was running my notforprofit project Capoeira Communitites.

Here are my notes from that intensvie training...

Ariel Training

First of all focus on the most basic principles:

Relax like you are just picking up your groceries.

Efficient warm-up consists of getting the fluid betwewn joints moving… no static strectching, no weight lifting… just Paleo diet and acrobatics… maybe some weights for the legs… warm up start with head and work down… move every joint in CIRCLES include elbows through its extremes of motion and then lunges and dynamic leg kics front side and back… then wrists… kneel on floor, rotate wrists through circles… then conditioning…flat hand press-ups 5-10… then rise up to fingertips… then on fingertips then back to kneeling for fist to flat back of hand press-ups…5-10

3 x 3 1 x1 sets standing back-tuck

Defense Training

Au to queda de rins training..with a coach to show timing and threatening behaviour so you don’t loose your calm….

3 sets x 6 reps SLOW Au> protect against kicks to head and stomach… protect using: arms, cutilla, legs, moving backwards, go into ponte

QDR >three posions make them clear and defioned.. always choose one, at frist it si better to be late and correct than fast and undefined.

NEGA ROLE AU QDR same idea

All movements…. S-dobrado, macaco, kicks, floreio but with 3 x 6 CABECADA from your partner attacking when you open up in AU then 3 x 6 when you open up at anytime ( floreio) swaping with partner between sets. DON’T BE SCARED >> EXPECT THE ATTACK.

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