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Looking back at 2018, and forward to 2019

As 2019 is beginning, I thought I would write a quick reflective post on 2018, along with a few thoughts and hopes for the new year.

2018 was a special year, as it was really year dot for our group. It was the year that we went from myself, Cascao and Maxine training together, to creating a small core of people who have each found something in Capoeira. From a couple of known faces to young newbies, it’s been a joy to see people coming together and enjoying this great art. On a personal note, I gained my Professor cord, which was made particularly special, as I got to share it with so many friends in Italy.

In the second half of the year we moved the class to the Church Hall, and this has been a great boost. Not only does it have nice acoustics for the music, but it’s given us more space, and a longer running time, so we can get more out of each lesson. We can also hang around after class to chat, stretch and try things out, which is awesome.

The diversity of the people who have joined us this year has been great to see, but not surprising. When making the short promo video this year with the wider UK group (please share and use when you’re trying to explain what Capoeira is to your friends! -, the diversity of Capoeira’s practitioners was a positive that so many people recognised. Our group is stronger for enjoying all the backgrounds, nationalities and past experiences that people bring with them, and Capoeira has a unique way of connecting these together. Everyone’s individuality can be seen when they play.

I am excited about 2019. I hope we can bring more people into the group but remain a close community. Being based in South London gives us a large catchment area, and I hope we see more people come along from across region.

I also hope we continue to learn as a group, following the teachings of our Master, Mestre Papa Leguas, and excel as individuals. May all our individual successes be celebrated as an achievement for the group. I will continue to try to teach each member of the group to grow their strengths, whilst recognising where they need to work on weaknesses. Capoeira is so often taught as a linear progression for all, but I hope our recognition of people’s experiences can help everyone progress in their own personal way. We continue to work very hard on trying to teach Capoeira in the most accessible way possible.

I also hope we can begin to connect with the wider group this year. We have sister groups all over the UK and I look forward to us linking up with them more in future. Hopefully we may get a visit from our Mestre as well!

More than anything this year I hope our Roda continues to get more fun each time. For Cascao and I, the Roda says so much. The games being played, the energy being created, the enjoyment being had, the friendships being created. If our Roda is good, then a lot of is going right 😊

Happy new year, and let’s get training

Prof Raul

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