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Defying Gravity | Twists

Learning to do ariel twists of any variety requires having an internal sensitivity to the momentum of your whole body. Secondly it requires sensitivity to timing.

THE SET-UP - what you do before to lead into the movement; a chasse, a turning step, a kick, a cartwheel, a round-off.

THE TAKE OFF - what we do mechanically to leave the floor . We must have enough strength to accelerate within a short distance. Often the take offs require us to move our limbs with explosive force, while being relaxed. We need to learn how to take-of; compress your legs and jump, flat footed push jump, ball of the foot rebound jump, swinging one leg through, kicking one leg through, one-footed jump, double footed jump.

In simple terms there are two elements after take-off;

1. REACH THE HIGHEST POINT. Almost like breaking the move up into stages you have to wait until the body has reached its highest point away from the ground before starting to twist. If you do not wait you will land on your side while spinning which hurts. There is a critical split second after jumping - how long do you wait between taking off and the second coordinated movement (a tuck, a twist, a kick etc) be it a tuck, leg raise, side twist, bridge shape, hollow shape etc.

2. Feel WHICH BODY PART LEADS the twist? Is it the hands or the elbows? and which parts move together as one unit? (eyes/head/elbows or arms/ shoulders). With ariel sense, you can keep a sense of where the floor is, through keeping eyes fixed on it; to avoid over/under rotation.

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